Zebra Blinds Brisbane

Homemakers Lifestyle Leaders in blinds, curtains and venetians.

Zebra Blinds Brisbane

Homemakers Lifestyle Leaders in blinds, curtains and venetians.

Zebra Blinds Brisbane

Homemakers Lifestyle Leaders in blinds, curtains and venetians.

Zebra Blinds Brisbane

Homemakers Lifestyle is your LOCAL supplier of Zebra blinds in your area.

Fast becoming a popular window fitting, Zebra blinds are a sleek and modern alternative to regular blinds.

Zebra Blinds Brisbane: When renovating your home, your windows are one of the main things that should be considered.  After all, they are a focal point to your room. Zebra blinds add beauty and functionality to any space, while still providing the necessary privacy to live comfortably.


These blinds are ideal for spaces that have a lot of sunlight and for homes with a beautiful outdoor view. They can be used in a variety of spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms and give a modern, smooth, and sleek look. Zebra blinds can block UV rays, sun, and glare while maintaining unobstructed views when completely raised.


Zebra Blinds Brisbane

What are Zebra Blinds and How Do They Work?

Zebra blinds have a unique, double-layered roller blind design that is made up of light filtering (transparent) and non-light-filtering (opaque) fabric blind strips. Unlike traditional blinds that can be slightly cracked, to only allow very little light into the room, zebra blinds allow you to fully adjust the natural light levels of a room. They are a great addition to a living room window to give a spin on a regular Roller Shade or Horizontal Blind.

Zebra Blinds Feature:

  • Zebra blinds has two fabric facings with each fabric facing having alternate translucent and opaque strips which can be aligned for complete light control and privacy.
  • Zebra Shades allow you to transition between sheer and privacy. The blinds roll up to open or close and while rolling can be adjusted so that the opaque stripes line up-offering privacy, light control, and insulation or aligning the translucent section to allow incoming daylight.

They are operated by a side chain that allows you to move the blinds so you can see through the stripes as well as retract the blind entirely allowing you to see out completely.


Leaders in blinds, curtains and venetians.


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Zebra Blinds Brisbane

Embrace natural light in your house without sacrificing all your privacy.


Make a statement with these unique Zebra blinds – also referred to as Day and Night Blinds

  • Exclusive range of colour and textured fabrics to choose from
  • Blockout and Light Filtering fabrics for best light control for the different rooms of your home
  • Unique day to night operation
  • Roll up out of view into the Colour co-ordinated cassette
  • Great alternative to Dual Roller Blinds
  • One of the most Innovated window dressings for your home
  • Fits in your window reveal or on face to your architrave

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    Zebra Blinds Brisbane

    Benefits of Investing in Zebra Blinds

    One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of zebra blinds is their simple design. They provide clean, unobstructed views and have the ability to complement the shape of any window. They are easy to operate, maintain and come in a range of fabric options. Available in a range of rich colours, zebra blinds are one of the most popular home improvement products. 

    Awnings are an essential addition to any space and should be more than an afterthought as they are an asset to your home.

    They are a significantly beneficial add-on for your home and they offer a myriad of benefits.

    Zebra Blinds offer a range of exciting benefits. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they offer UV protection from the harsh sun. The sun emits harmful UV rays that can be extremely harmful to human bodies as well as damage the interiors of the house and your furniture.

    Traditional Corded window treatments often pose a suffocation hazard for both pets and young children. Motorized roller zebra blinds are cordless, which means there are no dangerous wires and loops. This makes them perfect for nurseries, playrooms and classrooms!

    More Benefits of Zebra Blinds Include:


    Zebra blinds are versatile and have the ability to fit into any interior decor.  Depending on your style you can go bold or keep it natural. Available in both light-filtering and blackout fabrics, zebra blinds fit anywhere


    They add value to your property.

    Potential buyers are drawn to homes which boast quality blinds as this saves them money on renovations and gives your home a more pleasing, elegant look and feel.


     Thanks to the black-and-white sheer layers, you can enjoy looking outside while outsiders can’t see in. This is in comparison to shutters and horizontal blinds that require you to close them if you want daytime privacy. 


    Zebra shades feature a combination of sheer and solid, layered fabrics that can control light by alternating the bands from open to close. Motorization is also available allowing you to operate your blinds from anywhere in the home. 

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    Zebra Blinds Brisbane

    Looking For Quality Zebra Blinds?

    Australian homeowners often find themselves frustrated by having to replace the furniture that has barely been used because it has been ruined by the elements. Zebra blinds offer protection against these elements, improving the lifespan of your furniture.

    Our superior quality components make zebra blind installations a breeze. We offer a wide array of different options to suit each individual homeowner’s needs and decor style. From traditional blinds to aluminium louvres, we have you covered.


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    Sunshine Coast’s favourite blinds manufacturer

    Zebra Blinds Brisbane

    Want to Sell Your Home in the Future?

    Zebra Blinds Brisbane: Blinds can help ensure that prospective buyers are more likely to take a second look at your home due to their aesthetic appeal and energy-saving benefits.
    They also tend to expand the living space of your home, which in turns gives the impression that your home is larger than it actually is. 

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    Zebra Blinds Brisbane

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