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The sun bakes your skin without mercy, keeping you hot and accelerating the wear and tear of your beloved furniture. With our range of awnings, the blazing heat can’t get to you anymore!


Keep cool and comfortable with Homemakers Lifestyle today. We’re not just a company that sells awnings, we are your favourite supplier of all your home improvement products and fittings. We transform your home into a stylish, functional living space with our wide variety of stylish yet tasteful products to choose from.


Lighten up those dreary days and nights with lush warm sunbeams cascading over your patio for optimal relaxation. Our inspiring staff will help you through every step – from that first simple request right down to being cut to size and then mounted on site professionally by one of our trusted installers selected just for you!


An excellent way to impress guests and family during gatherings and barbecues. The additional cover they provide allows you to enjoy more of your outdoor area by offering protection from the sun’s harsh heat.


Potential buyers are drawn to homes which boast quality fittings as this saves them money on renovations and the idea of lazy afternoons on the patio or outdoors will ultimately sway their decision.


By blocking the sun’s glare and UV rays from your windows, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home. This keeps your house cooler and saves you money on your heating and cooling bills!


You expect to be at your most relaxed in your home. An adjustable awning helps you to monitor the temperature of your room by easily modifying the amount of sun is shining through your window.

folding arm awnings - garden with flowers and awning over a chair

Cool Shades for Hot Days

Awnings That Work For You

With so many options available, buying an awning is a big decision that comes with a lot of questions!  Do I need extra UV protection? Am I looking for enhanced privacy? Perhaps you need a product that serves to give your home a stylish look and feel?


The answer is yes! Fabric and aluminium awnings can meet a wide range of requirements and boast a host of exciting benefits. Typically made from canvas fabric or aluminium metal, an awning is so much more than just keeping the sun off your face – It adds to the beauty of your home while making it look its best,  all while you indulge in what’s happening outside.


From a pivot arm and folding arm to fixed awnings, the choices can be confusing! At Homemakers Lifestyle, we make products that are completely custom-designed to your specifications that will help you make the most of any outdoor living space!


When choosing an awning, don’t settle for anything less than one that’s custom-built and installed by professional fabricators at Homemakers Lifestyle. Choose from roll-up, privacy screens, zip screens, panel awnings and many more!

High Quality, Locally Made, Custom Installed Awnings

We are a family-owned and operated company with over 28 years of experience in the Sunshine Coast. We have a wide portfolio of satisfied customers thanks to our friendly service, competent technicians, and high-quality products.
Our technicians will assist you in selecting the right product for your home and budget, whether you choose fabric or aluminium awnings.
Outdoor fittings will give your home an elegant and modern appearance while also shading your windows, providing privacy, lighting, and temperature control. Contact us today, and one of our knowledgeable technicians can provide you with a customised quote to suit your home’s requirements!

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What Will Work For Me?


Fabric awnings are made with different types of fabric including woven waterproof fabrics, vinyl laminates, and coated cotton.
Durability: Fabric awnings are versatile and adaptable in design.  Today, with improved materials, fabric awnings can withstand the toughest weather conditions.
Weather: Your outdoor space will be shaded from the hot sun rays as well as provide protection on rainy days.
Affordability: Fabric awnings are highly cost-efficient and can even directly decrease energy consumption by simply blocking the sun!
Style: Fabric awnings have a wide variety of designs, offering styles that complement any home or business aesthetic. Fabric awnings offer a unique ‘curb-appeal’ to your home. They may be custom-designed to fit your home perfectly, extending the living space of your home.


Aluminium awnings are made out of long-lasting and durable Aluminium metal.

Durability: Aluminium awnings do not tear, rip or shred under heavy winds and rain. Due to their durable beams and braces, these awnings will not buckle, bend or sway in adverse weather.
Weather: An aluminium awning is strong enough to withstand most storm and wind damage.
Affordability: Due to the strength and durability of aluminium, these awnings will last for many years, making them a sound financial investment. 
Style: No matter the size, aluminium awnings can be installed to fit any area. While they do not have as many colour options, it offers a clean and classic look that blends well with a variety of styles.

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Our Range Of Awnings

Pivot Arm Awnings - window with simple white awning

Pivot Arm

Pivot Arm Awnings are an ideal exterior shade option and are one of the most versatile products on the market. Our range of modern fabrics provide a contemporary take on an old favourite.

Patio Roof Awnings - simple awning over door

Patio Roofs

Bahama is another horizontal aluminium awnings solution for balconies, verandahs and small patios as well as window hoods. Waterproof at 12° pitch, it has neat clean lines with an attractive understructure.

Adjustable Louvre Awnings - blue and white awnings

Adjustable Louvre

These are one of the most effective awnings for heat control and sun protection for your outdoor space. Simply open the panels to allow the light and breeze through or close to catch a tan!

Privacy Screen - grey screen over window

Privacy Screens

The Sunline 45 screens provide an extremely modern look to your home or building when you have exposed areas that require shade, privacy without having to compromise on safety and security.

Pivot Arm Awnings - window with simple white awning

Folding Arm

The Folding Arm awnings are the most popular awnings we sell today. It is designed to maximise entertaining and leisure areas, such as patios and verandahs, and is also ideal for cafés and restaurants.

Patio Roof Awnings - simple awning over door


Designed for all sun and weather problems, these Twin Wall Polycarbonate Awnings are created specifically to let the light in and keep the heat and rain out with it’s excellent insulation properties.

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