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Outdoor louvres and external shutters are a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home without breaking the bank. Not only do they add character and style, but they also protect your windows from the elements.


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Outdoor Louvres are a shutter with horizontal slats that are designed to regulate airflow and lighting. Adjustable outdoor louvres provide the best of both worlds by giving you shade when you need it and sunshine when you want it. Outdoor Louvres have the ability to control the light and airflow of your home while giving you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather.


At Homemakers Lifestyle, our Outdoor Louvres are guaranteed to add a contemporary, elegant style to your home. Our Louvres are custom-made to suit your needs, adding function and style value to your home or business. The sun is effortlessly directed and controlled for maximum comfort. Whether you want to deflect heat, reflect light or protect your outdoor furniture from adverse weather, Homemaker’s Lifestyle will install the highest quality adjustable louvres quickly and easily!



Outdoor Louvres give you the ability to decide how much light you want in a space. Getting louvres protects your home decor and furniture. They shut out harsh UV rays that break down the colour of your furniture. 


Due to the practical, aesthetic and cost-saving appeal of louvres – investing in outdoor louvres and shutters for your home can increase your property value.


Outdoor Louvres keeps the house warmer in winter and cooler during the summer. Installing louvres can translate to lower energy costs, saving you money and improving your impact on the environment.


Outdoor Louvres give you complete control over the privacy of your home, allowing you to shut out unwanted attention at any time of the day or night. 

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At Homemakers Lifestyle, we recognise the importance of providing our customers with customised and high-quality services. Our team of expert technicians have years of experience in designing and installing outdoor louvres, blinds, and shutters for homes throughout the local area. Whether you are looking to add a layer of privacy or just give your home a fresh new look, we can help you achieve exactly what you are looking for.


We provide a wide range of outdoor louvres to suit a range of home styles and requirements. We have over 28 years of experience in helping homeowners with their home aesthetics and security at a great price. Our outdoor louvres include Timber, PVC shutters, roller shutters and aluminium louvres. Get in touch with our friendly team today and we can assist you with your needs. We are confident that we can help you find the perfect outdoor louver and shutter for your Brisbane or Sunshine Coast home.

outdoor louvre shutters

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Quality Outdoor Louvres

Outdoor louvres are a versatile and stylish solution for any home or business. Not only do they provide practical shade and privacy, but they also add visual interest to any space. Our outdoor louvres are available in a variety of sizes and colours, so you can find the perfect match for your home or business.


Whether you are looking for outdoor louvres for your home or business, our external aluminium frames and blades can be customized to suit any aesthetic. Available in anodized or powder-coated finishes in a range of colors, these louvres are tough and built to withstand harsh weather conditions.


Featuring specially engineered 90mm blades that have been tested for noise, wind load, and resistance to wind pressure in cyclonic regions and coastal areas where high-rise buildings often require shutters for extra protection, our louvres provide unparalleled durability and functionality.

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Types Of External Louvres & Shutters 

Timber & PVC

Both practical and stylish, timber and PVC shutters are a sought after product. These shutters are quickly gaining popularity in today’s market. 
With advances in material and product manufacturing, now more than ever, these classic PVC and timber window treatments are in reach of everyone’s budget!

Roller Shutters

Rollashield shutters offer protection, peace of mind, and provide a more comfortable and eco-friendly environment.
As one of the strongest shutters available today, they have undergone rigorous testing and are cyclone rated at Townsville’s cyclone testing station. You’ll certainly feel safe and comfortable when storms rage day and night.


Our aluminium frames and blades come in a variety of styles and designs and can be powder coated finishes to the colour of your choice. 
The blades had been specifically designed and engineered to cope with all types of weather conditions and have been tested for noise, wind load and resistance to wind pressure for cyclone regions and coastal areas.

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timber and pvc shutters- wooden shutters

Timber and PVC

Timber & PVC shutters are both water resistant and low maintenance, making them perfect for both residential and commercial requirements. These louvres resist abrasion and dents, providing a highly durable and stable outdoor shutter.

Roller Shutters - home with white shutters

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters provide protection, peace of mind and provide a comfortable environment. The greatest benefit of our shutters is how more efficient it can make your air conditioning and heating, saving you money!

 Aluminum Shutter - outdoor entertainment space

Aluminium Shutters

Our aluminium shutters provide the same advantages as timber shutters, but are more durable to the elements. If you are looking for a stylish, aesthetic addtion to your property, our Aluminium Shutters are a multi-functional product that will enhance your lifestyle.

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