How To Choose the Perfect Awnings

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Awnings are a dramatic way to improve your outdoor areas, making them enjoyable and liveable all year round. Providing shade, outdoor entertaining or dining spaces like patios and decks now become usable no matter what the weather brings.

Regardless if you are hosting a family BBQ during summer and want your guests protected from those harsh UV rays, or you just want to enjoy a cup of coffee on a rainy morning without getting soaked, awnings have you covered…literally.

Business owners particularly cafes and restaurants, will also benefit greatly from installing an awnings to their business premises. Al-fresco dining is a widely popular for customers, and awnings give that freedom to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather. Awnings offer protection for your window frames and outdoor furniture from the harsh Aussie elements, allowing you to continually enjoy the view from indoors, unlike blinds.

If you have made the decision to install awnings at your home, how do you decide on the perfect awnings for you? Here are some of the things we at Homemakers Lifestyle recommend keeping in mind when choosing awnings:


Particular materials require various amounts of maintenance and suit the look of certain homes above others.  The two most common materials used for awnings are outdoor fabric and aluminium:

  • Outdoor fabrics are available in a variety of colours, but do require more maintenance than aluminium blinds.
  • Aluminium blinds are strong and sturdy, but usually, don’t allow for a lot of customisation when it comes to colour and design.

Side Panels

There are people who may also like the added feature of side panels, which single-handedly change the whole architectural look and feel of the awnings.  These panels are also fantastic for providing coverage from a different direction if more protection or shade is required.

Stationary, Retractable or Freestanding

Roll up or retractable awnings allow you control over your awnings, this means you can obtain maximum natural sunlight during winter if you desire.  Retractable awnings are therefore widely appropriate for decks and patios, you can just adjust it when it’s not being used. By using motors and switches, retracting the awnings is simple. Advanced models have automatic sun and wind sensors, meaning you won’t need to tweak with it each time there is a change in the weather.

Keep in mind though that retractable awnings are usually not designed to withstand heavy rains or high winds. If extreme weather hits, retract your awnings immediately to prevent any damage.  Freestanding awnings are also regularly used for decks, terraces or patios. They effectively segment a space, which is fantastic if you want to designate separate areas to the BBQ. Businesses are als great fans of free-standing awnings, as they can also double up as an advertisement.


The size of your awnings depends on the overall area of your space and its purpose.  Small awnings look lovely as a decorative piece, while bigger awnings provides greater coverage and provide more shade to your outdoor living space.


A large variety of awnings styles are available to co-ordinate with the overall appearance of your home or business.  Some of the more popular styles include traditional with closed or open sides, dome style, double bar standard, waterfall, quarter barrel, gable walkway and semi-circular entrance.  Speak to us to determine the most suitable style for your home or business’s design.


The general rule of thumb for choosing your awnings colour is to simply think of what will complement the overall appearance of your home or business.  Usually, lighter colours are the preference as they effectively reflect and block out heat and sunlight.  Remember to take into consideration of how your awnings will complement your interior!  By selecting complementary colours and styles, you can create a beautiful sense of flow between your outdoor and indoor spaces.

After careful consideration all the factors above and researching at what’s available on the market, you are in a great position to know what you require from your awnings.  Give Homemakers Lifestyle a call and we can design the perfect awnings for your needs.