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Timber and PVC Shutters

Control the privacy and climate of your home with timber and PVC shutters from Homemakers Lifestyle.

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Shutters Are The Ideal Style Choice For Your Home

We offer local homeowners custom designed and installed timber and PVC shutters, blinds and awnings. Our experienced technicians offer quality service and custom installations to ensure that you get exactly the right look and feel for your home.


We have over 28 years of experience in helping homeowners with their home design and security at the best price. We offer a wide range of shutters to suit a range of home styles and requirements, including Timber and PVC Shutters, Roller shutters and Aluminium shutters. Get in touch and one of our friendly technicians will come out and assist you with an obligation free quote! We will also assist you in deciding on the best type of shutters for your needs and requirements and with a short turnaround time, our qualified technicians will install your finished product quickly and efficiently.


Timber and PVC Shutters are a beautiful addition to your home. They instantly add style to any room, whilst adding value to your property. Our shutters are custom installed for style, flexibility, and practicality. Constructed for either indoor or outdoor living spaces, our aluminium shutters are guaranteed to add a contemporary, elegant style to your home.


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Timber and PVC Shutters

Internal shutters for elegant lifestyle interiors

Shutters are a highly desirable window treatment because of their timeless style and aesthetic. Elegant Shutters are gaining popularity in today’s market. Now more than ever, today these classic timber window treatments are in reach of everyone’s budget.
With 3 materials to choose from – Cedar, Basswood and PVC, we have shutters and a price that will suit any home. Choose from truly made-to-measure Australian products or browse our range of Imported products. Homemakers Lifestyle offers 3 blade sizes and several standard colours – one of which will suit your decor.
Timber and PVC shutters are suitable for openings between rooms, sliding doors and windows. Call us now for a free no-obligation chat with one of our product consultants. You’ll be pleased you did!


Timber and PVC FAQs

Q. How do I keep my shutters clean?
A. Keeping your Shutters clean is as easy as using a feather duster once a week.

When it’s time for spring cleaning, our PVC and Basswood Shutters can be easily wiped over with a damp cloth, and if necessary a mild detergent. Dry immediately. This procedure only takes a few minutes per Shutters.
However, a little extra care should be taken when cleaning Cedar Oiled or Lacquered Shutters. Whilst lacquered Shutters can be easily wiped, it is suggested that you try and do so by only using a damp cloth. DO NOT WET OIL CEDAR SHUTTERS – the oils will separate and look blotchy.


Q. What sort of warranty can I expect?
A. Our suppliers give you a 10 year warranty on our Basswood and PVC Shutters

Receive your written guarantee upon installation!

Timber and PVC Shutters

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    Benefits of Timber and PVC Shutters For Your Home

    Whether you are looking for a modern aesthetic or a more traditional look, our shutters are guaranteed to add a contemporary, elegant style to your home. They add personality and bring life to any room and are a modern alternative to fabric curtains.


    Timber and PVC Shutters provide an easy and effective way of controlling your privacy and lighting in each room. By adding additional lighting control to each room, shutters tend to make certain rooms seem larger than they are – providing homeowners with a wonderful illusion of space. More so, shutters protect furniture from harsh sunlight, saving homeowners from the frustration of having to replace the furniture that has been ruined by the elements.


    Looking to sell your home? Installing Timber and PVC shutters will add value to your home or business.  Prospective home and business buyers are often impressed by the practical and aesthetic appeal of shutters throughout your space. Aluminium shutters can provide lighting control, creating the illusion that your space is larger than it actually is. The addition of extra light will also give your home a welcoming modern look and feel!


    Forget about curtains that can get tangled and in the way. As a versatile window fitting, Timber and PVC shutters create an aesthetically pleasing space, capable of matching and enhancing any design you choose!


    They add value to your property.

    The addition of timber and PVC shutters are a selling point for many homes. Potential buyers are drawn to homes that boast quality shutters as this saves them money on future renovations. 


    Shutters increase your home’s energy efficiency.

    In summer they prevent sun glare, and block the sun’s rays from your windows, helping your home to stay cooler and saving you money on power costs


    In your home, you expect to be at your most comfortable.

    Adjustable timber and PVC shutters allow you to control the temperature at a moment’s notice by allowing how much sun exposure the room gets.

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    Why Invest in Timber and PVC Shutters?

    Aside from the aesthetic appeal timber and PVC shutters provide, they also provide homeowners with privacy when required. They are also used to adjust the level of natural light and sun that enters a room, providing a simple yet effective means of temperature control. Shutters have become a popular choice with their ability to both fill the aesthetic need and practical gap that other window treatments have.


    Trying to decide between Timber and PVC shutters? Consider the following:

    PVC Shutters

    Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC are shutters that are designed to resemble timber. Known for its durability and light-weight characteristics these plastic shutters are suitable for any home. PVC shutters are often reinforced with an aluminium core to prevent warping. As these shutters are made from PVC, they are also less expensive than timber shutters, making them the ideal option for the budget conscious.  

    Their solid construction and colour finish is waterproof and ensures they won’t crack or peel. This is why they are a popular choice for high moisture areas that come in direct contact with water, such as bathrooms. PVC shutters are also UV protected so they won’t fade over time.

    Additional Benefits of  PVC Include:

    • They have excellent insulation properties resulting in high energy efficiency.
    • These shutters come in many attractive designs.
    • PVC Shutters carry long warranties
    • They offer a tilt-and-turn option
    • PVC Shutters are easy to maintenance

    Timber Shutters

    Timber shutters offer a classic design that can suit a variety of interior design styles. Made from basswood, timber shutters are sturdy, resistant to warping and can be painted in an array of colours or stained for a natural finish.

    Timber shutters are extremely durable whilst also incredibly lightweight. Timber shutters can be customised to fit most modern and traditional windows. This helps achieve a cleaner look for your indoor space.

    Timber wood shutters are a popular choice because of their great natural insulation properties. They will help cool your home during the hot summer months as well as warm and cosy in the winter. The finish of the timber shutters makes them also splash resistant, allowing them to be used in high moisture areas, where they may come into direct contact with water. This makes them ideal for rooms such as bathrooms and laundries.

    Additional Benefits of Timber Shutters Include:

    • Timber Shutters are aesthetically pleasing
    • They are versatile and customisable
    • These shutters have good natural insulation properties
    • They are energy efficient
    • Timber Shutters come in a variety of finishes

    Why Us for Your Timber and PVC Shutters?

    Homemakers Lifestyle is a local, family based business servicing on the Sunshine Coast. We specialise in blinds, awnings, shutters and screens. Maximise the aesthetic look and feel of your home as well as improve your home’s appeal to prospective buyers with Homemaker’s Lifestyle!

    We offer a wide range of shutters to suit each individual homeowner’s needs. Our trusted technicians are trained to offer high quality service and fast turn-around times.


    We are your trusted shutters installation company on the Sunshine Coast with a myriad of happy clients in our portfolio.


    Looking for a trusted shutters specialist on the Sunshine Coast? Get in touch with us today, we offer custom installations to suit your requirements!

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