Roller Shutters by Homemakers Lifestyle

Roller Shutters by Homemakers Lifestyle

Superior Roller Shutters

Creating Security and Lifestyle at Home with Quality Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are quickly gaining a lot of popularity in today’s market. They provide an aesthetic solution for modern and traditional homes alike! These shutters are a home improvement product that provides effortless style and protection for homes and businesses. Rollershield shutters offer protection, peace of mind, and provide a more comfortable and eco-friendly solution for your living environment!


Our high quality Shutters will dramatically reduce the use of air conditioning or heating, which in essence saves you hundreds of dollars back into your pocket.  Investing in energy-efficient products has also been proven to dramatically increase the value of your home. Additionally, pairing your shutters with Homemaker’s range of blinds or curtains can enhance your home’s style and aesthetic even more.


Roller shutters offer an efficient way to protect your home from potential intrusions. Shutters offer protection for windows, doors and the front of your property. They are closely fitted  and cannot be pulled away without a great deal of effort.


Roller shutters add value to your property.

Potential buyers are drawn to homes which boast quality roller shutters as this saves them money on renovations. The low investment over a long period of time.


These are an energy efficient and budget friendly solution to providing shade and weather protection. They prevent sun glare and can reduce solar heat by as much as 85% and help to save energy heating costs during colder weather.


Roller Shutters are an adjustable solution to help keep out harsh weather patterns like high winds, heat, cold and dust.

Depending on your needs, roller shutters can be operated manually, with switch and by remote control. 

Roller Shutters

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Sleek Roller Shutters

Privacy, Light and Heat Control- All Rolled into One!


Readily available, reliable and built to last. All shutters are individually made by the experts at Homemakers Lifestyle


We Offer Premium Services:
  • Extensive range of colours and styles to choose from
  • Light Filtering and Screen fabrics for best light control for your patio
  • Gives protection from the sun, wind and rain
  • Motorisation by Homemakers Lifestyle is a speciality!
  • Manual operation for fast and easy operation


Homemakers Lifestyle is a leading manufacturer and installer of custom made roller shutters. Our quality range of roller shutters is custom designed and built to ensure the perfect fit and lasting quality.


With a wealth of experience, we are here to guide you from concept to completion. Book your obligation freeconsultation today!

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    Frequently Asked Roller Shutter Questions


    Q. How do I clean my Shutters?

    A. Keeping your shutters clean is very important

    Regular cleaning will maintain the appearance of your shutters and will maximise the life of your investment. Apart from occasionally washing down the shutters, the product is maintenance free. In fact we discourage the application of grease or lubricants to the moving components of the system as they attract dirt and grit, which creates friction and unnecessary wear and tear.
    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


    Q. What sort of warranty can I expect?

    A. Subject to the conditions of guarantee, the Company warrants the structural integrity of the aluminium profiles and all extrusions incorporated in the product for 10 years from date of supply.

    • Powder Coated surfaces are warranted by the paint suppliers “Dulux” or “Interpon” for 7 years from date of handover.
    • All other components and accessories are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from date of supply.
    • Workmanship, including installation, is guaranteed for 5 years.

    All powder-coated aluminium must be frequently cleaned and maintained as outlined above. Homemakers Lifestyle expressly excludes liability for damage caused by maltreatment, interference or failing to operate the product strictly in accordance with our instructions given at time of installation. Liability is also excluded if damage is caused by reason of expansion or contraction of the home or building itself, or by way of “building shift” of the structure.


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