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One of the main concerns of any home or business owner to how to keep their property safe from unwanted guests and intruders. Whether a burglar or a pesky insect, protect your patio with Crimsafe’s Ultimate Patio enclosures. As a popular security solution, Crimsafe’s security mesh screens are a cost-effective way of extending the living space of your home, while giving peace of mind that it is still protected.


Crimsafe Patio enclosures are a great investment for your Sunshine Coast home, allowing you to enjoy beautiful outdoor views without compromising on safety and dealing with pesky insects. Homemakers Lifestyle are a proud Crimsafe supplier and provide superior security solutions for homes and businesses of all sizes.


Increase your living space without compromising on privacy or security with Crimsafe patio enclosures and Homemakers Lifestyle. No matter the size and shape of your patio, you can rest assured that you are receiving a one of a kind screen enclosure from the best Sunshine Coast has to offer!


Keep your family and business safe from intruders with unparalleled strength. Crimsafe is put through rigorous testing, making it the strongest security screen on the market. 


Crimsafe is not only designed to keep intruders out, but it also provides protection against insects, hail, and flying debris. Crimsafe offers radiant heat protection and can help slow the spread of fire in fire prone areas.


With added strength comes more versatility. This allows Crimsafe Ultimate to span larger areas, such as stylish floor to ceiling patio enclosures that are built to last. 


Crimsafe’s Tensile-Tuff security mesh undergoes several hardening processes. This makes them harder to cut and penetrate, keeping unwanted guests and intruders at bay. 


Crimsafe blocks up to 53% of solar heat gain, 62% of UV rays and limits heat escaping during cold weather. Crimsafe helps you enjoy the fresh air and save on energy bills!


Crimsafe utilises tamper resistant screws and metal clamps that grip the frame with unparalleled strength. This gives Crimsafe screens the strength it needs to withstand and absorb force and impact.

Crimsafe Ultimate Patio Enclosures

Ultimate vs Standard


Crimsafe security screens and patio enclosures are more than just dividers between inside and out. They are a completely enclosed protective barrier between you and the elements, both natural and unnatural. The sturdy mesh technology can be adapted to fit any space, whether it is a door, window, or patio enclosure.


Crimsafe is the leading security screen and patio enclosure solution for Australian homes, being seven times stronger than the Australian standard. Crimsafe has developed the Ultimate range to increase the protection of your home or business. Crimsafe Ultimate takes these products to the next level of security, strength, and style, making them 40% stronger than standard Crimsafe products.


Crimsafe Ultimate features a wider, more durable frame with twice as many fastening screws. Ultimate frames feature clip-on covers that create a tamper resistant chamber that conceals and protects the screws.

Crimsafe Ultimate Pation Enclosures -  bifold patio screen

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