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Crimsafe Safe-S-Capes

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In the hands of a design expert, Crimsafe safe-s-capes can be much more than a regular security screen. With Homemakers lifestyle, Crimsafe is unmatched in style, security and functionality. It is flexible and may be shaped and installed to fit multiple spaces without losing strength. Its wide range of applications and uses means Crimsafe is the widely preferred security screen system as a solution to meet both security and design requirements.


Crimsafe safe-s-capes provides unparalleled security and a myriad of added benefits.
Crimsafe’s strength also provides an effective barrier to prevent falls from windows or balconies and protects your home from hail and wind-borne debris during storms

What are Safe-S-Capes And How Do They Work?

It’s essential to ensure your home is safe and secure. Crimsafe’s unique Safe-S-Cape is a keyless exit system that lets you quickly exit the property in the event of an emergency. While safe-s-capes gives you and your family an easy emergency exit, they still have the same integrity and strength of other Crimsafe products to keep burglars and break-in attempts at bay.


Crimsafe Safe-S-Capes do not require a key and are easily unlocked from the inside with a push-and-release system. These windows screens are available in a sliding window option or can be hinged on any side so they can swing in or out.  You can be assured Crimsafe Safe-S-Capes are made with the same industry-leading stainless steel mesh and screw-clamp system. There is no need to compromise safety and style, Safe-S-Cape is customisable so they can fit almost any window in your home!

Security Screens

If it’s not Crimsafe — it’s not ‘crim-safe’

Crimsafe Safe-s-Capes

Security screens with the quickest exit in case of an emergency.


Here is why you should choose a Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape for your home:

  • Crimsafe Safe-s-capes are available in both Ultimate and standard styles.
  • The easy push out handle ensures quick exits are all your family members.
  • Crimsafe Safe-s-capes are custom made and suitable for all types of windows inc. Awning, Casement, Louvre, sliding Aluminium and timber framed windows.
  • Standard Crimsafe Products have passed a 1000hr salt spray test, Ultimate 3000hr.
  • The best Fire Escape Security Product money can buy for your family’s safety.
  • Recommended by the Fire Authority for quick and easy escape in case of fire at the same time being impregnable to break & enter.
  • Your new Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape can be matched to your existing window and door colours including the option to have a special wood grain look to match Timber framed doors and windows.

Homemakers Lifestyle Has Been Crimsafe Partner for 25 years

Get Crimsafe from one of the best-partnered manufacturers.

At Homemakers Lifestyle, we have a wide range of their products that are all expertly made in house. Our products ranging from the new Crimsafe IQ to the Classic Crimsafe Security Doors


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    Crimsafe Safe-S-Capes Benefits

    The safest investment for your home

    Protect your family and belongings with Crimsafe window screens that are manufactured and serviced In South East Queensland by homemakers lifestyle. 

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    Strong Security

    Crimsafe’s industry-leading technology makes it the strongest security screen system on the market.

    To ensure the highest-quality protection and durability, Crimsafe is put through rigorous testing.

    Fresh Air & Open Views

    Other than its security, one of the greatest benefits of Crimsafe is the ability to enjoy the fresh air, without compromising on your security. With no need for bars and grilles, you can enjoy unhindered views of your property.

    Energy Efficient

    Crimsafe blocks up to 53% of solar heat gain, blocks 62% of UV rays and limits heat escaping during cold weather. Through moderating the temperature of your home, Crimsafe helps you enjoy the fresh air and save on energy bills.

    Debris Protection

    Not only is Crimsafe designed to keep out intruders, but it offers protection against insects, hail and is strong enough to protect against flying debris. Crimsafe offers radiant heat protection and can help slow the spread of fire.

    Homemakers Lifestyle is A local family business with 28 years of experience.

    Maximise the security, aesthetic and value of your home with one of Crimsafes favourite manufacturer of high-quality home improvement products: homemakers lifestyle blinds, awnings, security screens & shutters.


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