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Slimline Aluminium Venetians by Homemakers Lifestyle


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Slimline Aluminium Venetians

This 25mm Venetian Still Rallies after all these years

Our Aluminium Venetians exclude external light and provide absolute privacy. With over fifty fashion colours to choose from, you’ll find the Privasee Venetian the perfect option to match and enhance any colour scheme and decor style. *Winner of an Australian Design Award”

Q How do I keep my venetians clean?

A. Keeping your blinds clean is as easy as using a feather duster once a week. When it’s time for spring cleaning, most of our synthetic type timber blinds including our Cybershade 50mm or 63mm venetians can be easily wiped over with a damp cloth, mild detergent and warm water. This procedure only takes a few minutes per blinds. Make sure your blinds is dry before refitting, or closing the blades. However, a little extra care should be taken when cleaning Cedar Oiled or Lacquered Venetians. Whilst lacquered venetians can be easily wiped, it is suggested that you try and do so by only using a damp cloth. DO NOT WET OIL CEDAR VENETIANS – the oils will separate and look blotchy. Youtube can be a wonderful source of information as well.

Q. What sort of warranty can I expect?

A. Let’s be upfront about this subject – all suppliers of componentry and stock will honour their own warranty/guarantee. All our consultants have had years of experience to help you make the best and right choice for the type of venetians you wish to choose for your home. Homemakers however give a lifetime warranty on their manufacture and fitting of all our products – some conditions apply, misuse being the obvious one.

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