External Venetian Blinds at Homemakers Lifestyle

External Venetian Blinds at Homemakers Lifestyle

Elegant External Venetian Blinds

The Ultimate Styling For Your Home


Control light and shade without compromising on ventilation or style with our range of beautiful exterior Venetian blinds. The infinitely adjustable slats allow you to invite as much sun into the room as you want. When you want to be alone, our aluminium external Venetian blinds also provide adjustable degrees of privacy.


Much like traditional blinds, an external Venetian is an effective window covering for reducing heat gain and keeping harmful UV rays on the outside of a window. By adjusting the angle of the slats, the user can find the balance between shading and sunshine in any weather. When no shade is required, the blinds can be completely retracted to allow full sunshine and an outside view.


Our external Venetian blinds are guaranteed to add a contemporary, elegant style to your home or business. Our blinds are custom-made to suit your needs, adding function and style value to your property. The sun is effortlessly directed and controlled for maximum comfort. Whether you want to deflect heat, reflect light or protect your outdoor furniture from adverse weather, Homemaker’s Lifestyle will install the highest quality adjustable louvres quickly and easily!


Elegant blinds and shading

Premium External Venetian

We are your trusted local supplier of External Aluminium Venetians.
Create an eye-catching statement with our range of external Venetian blinds. They provide structure to the exterior while blending seamlessly with the rest of your home.


    • Large range of slats and colours to suit any domestic or commercial project.
    • UV resistant components
    • Ability to open and tilt the slats or lift the blinds at the touch of a button
    • Motorisation a standard feature.
    • Automated wind, sun and rain sensing available
    • Ideal protection from heat radiation on your windows
    • Covers large spaces, one product will span 5000mm x 5000mm


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    Benefits Of External Venetian Blinds


    External Venetian Blinds are an excellent choice for energy-efficient and cost-effective sun control with optimum versatility and functionality. While modest in appearance, these blinds can be incorporated into most facades, adding to the building’s aesthetic without overpowering it.


    An external Venetian blind allows you to make good use of natural light allowing you to control how much and how intensely you let in light.  An external Venetian blind reflects sunlight before it enters your window and heats up your living room effectively shielding yourself and your furniture from the harsh Australian Sun. Simultaneously, with their assistance, you reduce the amount of energy needed to cool your rooms. In the winter, you can also benefit from the insulating effect of modern external Venetian blinds.


    As an aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional roller shutters and blinds, it offers many benefits. You can easily direct daylight into your rooms, shield yourself from prying eyes, and save on precious heating energy in your home.


    Discover a comprehensive range of premium quality external Venetian blinds. With manual and automated styles, Homemakers Lifestyle ensures you find the Venetian blind to suit your individual needs. Utilising the highest grade material, you are ensured a product that is long-lasting and durable.



    External Venetian blinds help to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. As a result, having quality blinds installed will result in lower energy costs, saving you money and lessening your environmental impact.


    Due to the functional, decorative, and cost-saving appeal of blinds, investing in external for your home increases the value of your property. Prospective customers are drawn to these items because they reduce total renovation costs.



    An external Venetian gives you full control over your home’s privacy, allowing you to block out unwanted visitors at any time. unlike curtains, there is no chance of an opening from which neighbours can see through.


    Outdoor Venetians allow you to control how much light enters a room. Having blinds installed preserves your home’s decor and furniture by blocking out harmful UV rays that fade the colour of your furniture.

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    Why Choose Homemakers Lifestyle?

    Create a distinct lighting ambience and an uplifting atmosphere in your home, with maximum energy efficiency.  We provide custom made and installed external window Venetian blinds to local homeowners. Our qualified technicians provide quality service and custom installations to ensure that you get the exact look and feel you want for your home.


    We have over 28 years of experience in helping homeowners with their home aesthetics and security at the best price! We offer a wide range of blinds to accommodate a variety of property styles and requirements, including external Venetians, zebra blinds and roller blinds. Contact us and one of our friendly technicians will come out and provide you with an obligation-free quote as well as advice on the best form of blinds for your needs.


    Our blinds are custom installed for design, versatility and practicality and are manufactured and installed in a short period of time.

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    Are you looking for a way to make your home more stylish and functional? From external Venetians to zebra blinds we offer a range of home improvement products that add aesthetic appeal and functionality to any home.

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