Folding Arm Awnings at Homemakers Lifestyle

Folding Arm Awnings at Homemakers Lifestyle

Folding Arm Awnings at Homemakers Lifestyle

Folding Arm Awnings at Homemakers Lifestyle

The Folding Arm Awning Solution

Keeping Your Home Stylish & Cool

When the sun comes out there is no better feeling than relaxing out on the patio. A Folding Arm Awning is an ideal solution to extend your outdoor living space and provide much-needed weather protection.


Homemakers Lifestyle offers a range of premium folding arm awnings. Designed to withstand heavy winds, reduce the sun’s penetration and absorb its heat, our folding arm awnings provide complete shade with an easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy mechanism. Unlike fixed awnings that are constantly exposed to all types of weather conditions, these awnings are retractable at a moments notice.


Our folding arm awnings are available in a wide variety of colours, designs and finishes, allowing you to customise your home’s exterior to your heart’s content. Whether you wish to enhance the use of your outdoor space or create a sanctuary sheltered from the weather, Homemakers Lifestyle has the solution to your outdoor needs.


Folding arm awnings are a gorgeous addition to any property and entertainment space. Available in a range of colours, fabrics and styles, they can be custom made and installed to seamlessly blend in with a variety of architectural styles.


Exterior upgrades can easily enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your property. The added functionality and aesthetics provided by folding arm awnings are a simple yet effective way to add value to a home or business.


These are a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to provide shade and weather protection. They decrease glare from the sun and can reduce solar heat by up to 77%, allowing you to improve energy efficiency and save on bills!


Folding arm awnings give you control over how much exposure your patio receives. The adjustable and retractable arm allows for ease of use and can be opened for more sunlight in winter and closed during the hot summer months.

Providing Syle and Weather Protection All Year Round

The Homemakers Difference

As a leading provider of home and business improvement solutions across the Sunshine Coast, we ensure your folding arm awning is installed quickly, efficiently and built to last!
Shopping for the ideal product for your needs can be challenging. As a leading awning supplier and installer, we take the work out of finding the perfect shading solution for your unique needs!
Folding arm awning from Homemakers Lifestyle includes:

  • Extensive range of colours, plain and striped fabrics to choose from
  • Light Filtering and Screen fabrics for best Light control for your patio
  • Gives protection from the Sun and rain
  • Motorisation by Homemakers Lifestyle is a speciality
  • Crank operation with spring assistance for fast and easy operation
  • Choose from the modern fully enclosed cassette to semi-enclosed or standard systems.
  • Tested to strong wind category 6 on the Beaufort scale speeds up to 49km/h


Want To Know More About Our Folding Arm Awnings?

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Are you looking for a stylish, functional and affordable addition to your home or business? With years of experience and a dedication to providing quality products, Homemakers Lifestyle has you covered!

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