Premium Quality Adjustable Louvre Awnings

Quality Awnings by Homemakers Lifestyle

Premium Quality Adjustable Louvre Awnings

Quality Awnings by Homemakers Lifestyle

Premium Quality Adjustable Louvre Awnings

Quality Awnings by Homemakers Lifestyle

Sunshine Coast’s Leading Adjustable Louvre Awnings

Long Lasting. Low Maintenance. Stylish.


There is no better way to enjoy an outdoor deck or nation than with adjustable louvre awnings. Combining the best of both worlds, louvre awnings act like a roof but allow you to have shade when you need it and sunshine when you want it! This adaptability seamlessly adds to your outdoor entertainment space and transforms the way you experience the outdoors.


Adjustable outdoor louvres are the ideal solution for property owners who want to control the light and airflow of a space, giving them the opportunity to benefit from the gorgeous outdoors, rain or shine. With the turn of a handle, these awnings will adjust to let in the winter sun or deflect the summer heat, saving you on additional heating ad cooling costs!


Our adjustable louvre awnings are custom-made and installed to suit your needs. By adding practicality and aesthetic value to your home or business, you can make the most out of your outdoor space all year round! Whether you want to deflect heat or protect your outdoor furniture from the weather, Homemakers Lifestyle is here to install the finest in adjustable louvre awnings, quickly and easily!



Louvre awnings are a great way to get the most out of Australian weather all year round. By adjusting a louvred awning, you will be able to maximise the airflow, by trapping or releasing heat as needed. This reduced the need for additional heating and cooling sytems.


Adjustable louvre awnings are no longer about practicality. They offer a unique architectural statement and will stand out on a property. Whether it is freestanding or attached to your home, these louvres will boost curb appeal and the overall value to future buyers. 



If your home feels cramped, an extension is a great way to add extra space and maximise the beauty of the outdoors! By adding an alfresco living space you have more reason to spend time outdoors, without the risk of sunburn or winter chills.


There is nothing like adverse weather that can ruin an entertainment area. However, rain, wind and sun don’t stand a chance against our  adjustable louvre awnings. These act as windbreaks, preventing wind, rain, and sun from entering your outdoor space.

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Adjustable Louvre Awning For Your Lifestyle

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Transform your entertainment space with a louvre awning that works in unison to regulate the amount of sunlight your space gets!
Based on the Sunshine Coast, Homemaker’s Lifestyle are your experts in producing and installing custom made adjustable louvre awnings. With years of experience, we  have established ourselves as a leading provider for all your home improvement needs.
Working with both residential and commercial clients, we supply a wide range of affordable, high quality louvre awnings and shade systems.
Elegant craftsmanship, quality service and more:

  • Comfortable Outdoor Living – Rain, Hail or Shine
  • Protection from Strong Wind
  • Light and Breeze control
  • Sun Protection and Shading
  • Energy savings – reduce electricity & air conditioning costs
  • Variety of design options available
  • Personal Privacy from neighbours & prying eyes.
  • Optional Lockable Security.
  • Increases Value to your home

When you choose Homemakers Lifestyle to install your outdoor louvres, you can be confident that your installation will be secure, durable and low-maintenance ensuring a gorgeous product for years to come. As experienced builders, we provide accurate thorough installation and friendly after-sales service.


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