Ha-Ra Glove?

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Cleaning security screens can be an absolute nightmare.  Cleaning your fly or security screens can often feel like a messy and tedious chore. Actually, the majority of people much prefer to avoid this job altogether.

Unfortunately when security screens are dirty they look terrible, they also become inefficient, as they block any fresh air from being able to enter your home. You can however make sure that your security screens work effectively by regularly cleaning them easily using the Ha-Ra’s Green Glove – this glove is your outdoor hero for all-purpose cleaning over your screens and many other dirty areas.

Where can I use the Ha-ra Green Glove?

The Ha-ra Green glove does all the work when it comes to cleaning the worst sand, grime and dirt from security screens, door and window frames, entrance doors, outdoor furniture, patios, sculptures, natural stone, smooth stone walls, car wheels and hubcaps.

How long does a Green Glove last?

Often low wage countries are the manufacturers of cheap cleaning products. The Ha-Ra Green glove is made in Germany and is of the highest quality and will last for years.  They value quality over quantity! Believing so strongly in the durability and environmental friendliness of the Green glove, the directors of Ha-Ra Australia used them for 15 years in their own green cleaning business for 15 years without ever having to replace them.

How do I clean the Green Glove when it is full of dirt?

The dirt will come out completely and easily by rinsing out the glove in water. You can then throw it into the washing machine once it has been rinsed. Do not use any kind of fabric softener as the structure of the fibres will be destroyed.

Can I clean other things with the Green Glove?

Car to caravan – there is no limit to what you can use the Green glove for.  Using the Green Glove enables you to clean dust and heavy dirt and dust in no time at all! Be careful on rough surfaces like sandstone as this can harm the fibres of the glove.

Crimsafe actually recommends the Green glove for effectively cleaning security screens easily and superfast with just water.