Curtain and Blinds Cord Safety

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In Australia one in two children die each year from strangulation due to a blinds or curtain cord. Though confronting, this information highlights the importance of making sure that all blinds and curtains comply with official Australian Safety Standards.

Curtain and blinds chains or cords put children at significant risk, if left unsecured, these cords can cause strangulation. When installing your blinds and curtain there are simple steps you can take to ensure a safe area for children without any hazards.

Buying your Blinds and Curtains
Purchase blinds and curtains that have the following safety design features:

  • provide warning labels reminding you of danger to children
  • include a method to attach chains/cords so that loops or strands are out of reach for children
  • can be used without exposed chains/cords
  • We at Homemakers Lifestyle Sunshine Coast, can professionally and safely install all your blinds and curtains, ensuring complete safety for your children.

We install all our blinds and curtains according to Product Safety Australia guidelines.

Curtain and blinds cord ties, by Product Safety Australia 
installing your blinds and curtains safely helps to prevent serious injury or death.

Safety at home

  • Be diligent and go through each room in your house checking for any curtains or blinds with long cords that are looped or loosed.  This includes all cords within the reach of children at floor level or any furniture they can climb on. 
  • Don’t place your child’s cot, bed, highchair or playpen near any windows where children can easily reach for the curtain or blinds cord. These cords can get looped around a child’s neck, strangling them while they play or sleep. 
  • Don’t put chairs, tables, sofas or bookshelves near any windows with corded curtains or blinds. Little children like to climb on furniture and look out of the windows. If the cords are within their reach, they can quickly get entangled in them, lose their footing and suffer serious injury or strangulation. 
  • If you live in a rented home, seek assistance from your landlord or real estate agent to make sure that chains and cords are all out of reach as they have an obligations to make them safe. 
  • Supervise children in any room that is fitted with reachable curtain or blinds cords always. Accidental strangulation happens quite swiftly and quietly, so never leave a child alone in those rooms, even for a little while.  
  • Keep products like those with electrical cords, such as monitors and lamps, far away from infant’s cots.

The risks of Curtain and Blinds Cords
The chain and cord looped guide mechanisms are basically key components of blinds and curtain installation, as it lets people raise, lower and secure window furnishings. Although these serve a vital purpose, loose strings and cords do pose a real danger to little children.

Due to several reported deaths as a result of unsecured blinds cords, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) implemented a compulsory standard for manufacturers to abide by when producing blinds, curtains and other window fittings.  This also applies to businesses providing professional installations.

Ensuring the safety of children near windows is definitely a priority for any parent and we at Homemakers Lifestyle take all our installations extremely seriously.

How does Homemakers Lifestyle comply with Australian Standards?
Homemaker Lifestyles curtains, blinds and other window furnishings have been manufactured and designed to uphold all ACCC regulations.  We have adapted all our products to deliver the utmost level of safety for all household members both young and old. A large number of our window furnishings are available with child-safe operating systems that eradicates the necessity of potential hazards like chain or cord loops.

For ultimate blinds cord safety, we thoroughly recommend employing the assistance of a professional installers to make sure your window furnishings abide by the recommendations of the ACCC.  If you’d like more information about our range of window furnishings, contact us today and speak to a member of the team.