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Crimsafe IQ

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As smart home technology becomes more accessible and user-friendly, a smart security screen is a logical next step in any modern house. The Crimsafe iQ security screen series is the first to use smart technology to deliver maximum security, versatility, and convenience. With all of the features of the Ultimate range combined with industry-leading smart technology, Crimsafe iQ is the strongest security screen, at 7 times stronger than traditional stainless steel security screens doors in Australia.

Australia’s Strongest Mesh Security Screen Door


We, at Homemakers Lifestyle, believe that there should be no compromise when it comes to safety for you and your family.


Years of testing and development means that Australia’s smartest security screen has undergone rigorous testing and surpassed the most stringent standards. Not only does the Crimsafe iQ range deliver unrivalled protection for your home or business, but provides a sleek and modern look to any property.


With a flexible range of products and styles available, so there is a Crimsafe option suitable for every home!


  • Strong security
  • Fresh air and breezes
  • Energy efficiency
  • Unhindered views
  • Fall protection from heights
  • Insect protection
  • Storm and cyclone protection
  • Fire protection
  • Extended warranty up to 15 years


At Homemakers Lifestyle, we’re all about protecting your home from more than just break-ins and burglary! With 28 years of experience in providing specialised in home and business security products, our installation experts fit Crimsafe screens with care and precision ensuring they look as good as they work!


Whether you’re looking for a simple security screen or the ultimate smart home, we will match the right Crimsafe system for your needs!

Superior Security Screen Solutiona

Protect Your Home With Crimsafe iQ


Crimsafe’s industry-leading technology makes it the strongest security screen system on the market. To ensure the highest-quality protection and durability, Crimsafe is put through rigorous testing.


Not only is Crimsafe designed to keep out intruders, but it offers protection against insects, hail and is strong enough to protect against flying debris. Crimsafe offers radiant heat protection and can help slow the spread of fire.


One of the greatest benefits of Crimsafe is the ability to enjoy the fresh air, without compromising on your security. With no need for bars and grilles, you can enjoy unhindered views of your property.


Crimsafe’s iQ screens are harder to cut and penetrate, keeping unwanted guests and intruders at bay. Tightly woven with 0.9mm diameter, 304 grade high tensile stainless steel wire makes Crimsafe much stronger than other products!


Crimsafe blocks up to 53% of solar heat gain, 62% of UV rays and limits heat escaping during cold weather. Crimsafe helps you enjoy the fresh air and save on energy bills.


Crimsafe utilises tamper-resistant screws and metal clamps that grip the frame with unparalleled strength. This gives Crimsafe screens the strength it needs to withstand and absorb large amounts of force and impact.

What Makes Crimsafe iQ Smart?

Providing Unparalleled Security and Protection

When it comes to protecting your home, you need a security solution you can depend on. Our range of Crimsafe products instantly adds appeal to any home, without sacrificing strength and durability.
With patented technology, Crimsafe iQ features superior locking solutions, anti-jemmy heavy-duty hinges and sits on a wider, stronger frame. This makes iQ resistant to the harsh Australian weather and real-world attack.
With a choice between mechanical (iQ-m) or a fully electronic (iQ-e) option, each system is backed by a 10 year warranty – just another reason Crimsafe is the leading security screen system on the market!


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crimsafe iQ door

Crimsafe iQ Features

The strongest security door on the market


  • Unparalleled security and resistance with Crimsafes brand backing.
  • Convenient access with pin codes, Bluetooth and finger scanning
  • A mobile app to tailor your Crimsafe IQ door to your security needs
  • A smooth profile with the standard Crimsafe features and  protection
  • Electronic or mechanical multi-point locking system
  • European designed hardware
  • Thicker and wider frame with patented anti-jemmy features
  • Multiple access options
  • Individually programmable PIN codes


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crimsafe iq crimsafe garage

Crimsafe iQ-e and iQ-m

A unique combination of superior engineering and technology is what gives Crimsafe iQ the title of Australia’s strongest security screen door. Each iQ system comes standard with European hardware and has passed Australian and European standards!
The iQ-e boast three lock modules, a six-point lock system and electronic access options such as PIN keypad, Bluetooth and key fob.
Never forget to lock your door again! With day/night programming you can specify whether the door should lock automatically closing. In the event of a power outage, the iQ-e is manually operable by key or the inside handle. 
The iQ-M features five individual lock modules, providing ten-point locking, and a mechanical key lock.
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Crimsafe iQ grey box

Crimsafe iQ For Home and Business

Crimsafe iQ combines maximum convenience with maximum security. It is the perfect choice for:

  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Multi-residential complexes
  • Office buildings
  • Hospitals and other health facilities
  • Retail outlets
  • Banks
  • Secure storage areas
  • Facilities and equipment rooms
  • Garages

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Crimsafe iQ mechanism

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Australia’s Strongest Mesh Security Screen Door

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Australia’s Strongest Mesh Security Screen Door

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