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Create the perfect outdoor space with Homemakers Lifestyle. As a leading supplier of awnings Sunshine Coast customers love, we offer a comprehensive range of awnings that combine functionality, versatility and style.


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Don’t Let The Weather Get You Down

With its mild and sunny climate, the Sunshine Coast offers some of the best outdoor living experiences. To make the most out of your outdoor living space, having outdoor awnings in Sunshine Coast are a must!
At Homemakers Lifestyle we offer a wide range of outdoor and window awnings in various styles, finishes, and colors to suit any home design. Whether you are looking for retractable or folding arm awnings to control sunlight or stylish fixed privacy screens to add character to your home’s facade, our premium Sunshine Coast awnings are crafted with exceptional attention to detail and built to withstand the elements.
Boasting over a hundred years of combined experience, we take pride in offering personalized service, ensuring you find the ideal awning that complements your lifestyle and enhances your home’s aesthetics. We offer obligation-free measures, quotes, and professional installation services to 
Don’t miss the opportunity to create your dream outdoor space with our range of home improvement products. Contact Homemakers Lifestyle today, and let us help you turn your outdoor vision into a reality!

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Sunshine Coast Awnings For Every Need

Brisbane Awnings - window with simple white awning

Pivot Arm Awnings

Enjoy the perfect balance of shade and sunlight with our Sunshine Coast pivot arm awnings, offering easy and flexible control over light and providing a comfortable outdoor living experience.

Brisbane Awnings - grey folding arm awning

Folding Arm Awnings

Extend your outdoor space effortlessly with our premium folding arm awnings, designed to withstand strong winds while providing complete shade and a quick retractable solution when needed.

Brisbane Awnings - blue and white awnings

Adjustable Louvre Awnings

Transform your outdoor entertainment area with adjustable louvres awnings in Sunshine Cast that allow you to control the light, breeze, and privacy for a truly customisable outdoor experience.

awnings red home

Fixed Awnings

Enhance your home’s facade with our timeless fixed awnings, available in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, providing both rain and sun protection while adding a touch of character to your property

Awnings Sunshine Coast aluminium Awning

Polycarbonate Awnings

Experience the best of both worlds with polycarbonate awnings, offering natural light while still providing heat and rain protection, making them a perfect choice for any outdoor space.

outdoor living with privacy screens

Privacy Screens

Create a secluded and comfortable outdoor space with our privacy screens, available in an extensive range of colours and fabrics to complement your needs and outdoor area’s aesthetics.

Fabric and aluminium Awnings traditional rollup

Traditional Roll-up

Ideal for low-set windows and doors, our traditional roll-up awnings offer a budget-friendly solution while giving you control over light and sun exposure with various fabric options to choose from.

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Quality Outdoor Awnings In Sunshine Coast

Custom Made Locally Installed Awnings

When it comes to enhancing your home’s outdoor space, awnings offer a host of benefits. From protecting against the weather to adding privacy and style, it’s no surprise that more and more home and business owners on the Sunshine Coast are turning to awnings to elevate their properties!
At Homemakers Lifestyle, in addition to our comprehensive selection of awning products, we are proud to offer top-notch custom installation services. Our expert team ensures that your new awning is installed flawlessly, seamlessly integrating with your home’s existing design.
But that’s not all – we motorisation is our speciality, offering a world of effortless and convenient automation for selected awnings. Experience the ultimate ease of extending or retracting your awnings with just a touch of a button, elevating your outdoor living to a whole new level!
Contact us today to explore our range of high-quality awnings and discover how our professional installation and motorisation options can transform your outdoor living space.
view of modern roof awning in sunshine Coast
Beautiful garden with table set decor under a slatted awning

Our Selection Of Sunshine Coast Awnings

Awnings For All Seasons

With Homemakers Lifestyle, discover a range of fixed and retractable awnings and find the perfect fit for your home or business. Our extensive selection includes:

Fixed Outdoor Awnings

From traditional style awnings to the sleek and modern slatted Bahama awnings, explore our diverse range of fixed outdoor awnings designed to elevate your outdoor living space.

  • Material Versatility: Our fixed outdoor awnings are crafted from top-quality Aluminum, Steel, and Polycarbonate materials.
  • Extensive Color Palette: Choose from a diverse range of colors, including plain and striped designs, to perfectly complement your home’s aesthetics. We also offer a selection of tints for your clear polycarbonate awnings to suit your preferences.
  • Versatile Styles and Shapes: Discover a large variety of styles. Selected awnings are available in flat or curved shapes. 
  • Customisation Options: Tailor your awning to perfection with options from our standard range or explore made-to-order specials, backed by structural engineers’ certification for added peace of mind.
  • Reliable Weather Protection: Enjoy ultimate comfort with our fixed outdoor awnings, providing exceptional protection against rain and sun, ensuring your outdoor space is a welcoming haven in any weather.

Our Polycarbonate awnings offer the best of both worlds allowing ample natural light while providing excellent heat and rain protection. Or consider our Bahama awnings;  a stylish solution for balconies, verandahs, and small patios. Waterproof at a 12° pitch, these fixed awnings boast clean lines and an attractive understructure, combining elegance with functionality!

    Adjustable Louvred Awnings

    Revamp your outdoor living with our premium adjustable louvred awnings. With a variety of styles, colours and finishes to choose from, these awnings are roof-like structures that offer the convenience of controlling shade or sunlight at your whim!

    • Comfortable Outdoor Living: Embrace all seasons with ease. Our adjustable louvred awnings ensure comfortable outdoor living regardless of the weather.
    • Protection from Strong Wind: Rest assured, our sturdy adjustable louvred awnings are designed to withstand strong winds, providing reliable protection during windy conditions.
    • Light and Breeze Control: Effortlessly adjust the louvres to suit your preferences, creating an ideal atmosphere for relaxation and enjoyment.
    • Sun Protection and Shading: Our adjustable louvred awnings offer excellent sun protection, ensuring a safe and shaded environment for you and your loved ones.
    • Personal Privacy from Neighbours & Prying Eyes: Enjoy privacy at your leisure with our awnings. Create a serene and secluded atmosphere, free from any unwanted attention.
    • Optional Lockable Security: For added peace of mind, our adjustable louvred awnings can be equipped with optional lockable security features.

    Adjustable & Retractable Awnings

    Discover the ultimate solution to extend your outdoor living space and shield yourself from changing weather conditions with our premium collection of adjustable and retractable awnings.

    At Homemakers Lifestyle, we offer a wide range of options, including folding arm, traditional roll-up, and pivot arm awnings, all designed to elevate your outdoor experience. 

    With an extensive range of colours and plain or striped fabrics to choose from, you can effortlessly match your awnings to your outdoor decor. Opt for light filtering and screen fabrics to achieve the best light control for your patio. What’s more? Our adjustable and retractable awnings are rigorously tested for strong winds, providing you with peace of mind during adverse weather conditions.

    At Homemakers Lifestyle, we specialise in motorization, making the operation of your awnings a breeze. Enjoy the convenience of crank operation with spring assistance, ensuring fast and easy control.

    Pivot Arm Awnings

    Our folding arm awnings offer the epitome of versatility. Designed to withstand heavy winds and reduce the sun’s impact, these awnings provide complete shade at your command. With an easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy mechanism, you can effortlessly enjoy a cool and shaded retreat whenever you desire.

    Traditional Roll-Up Awnings

    Ideal for low-set windows and easily accessible spaces, our traditional roll-up awnings come in an extensive range of colours and fabrics, from block out to light filtering and screen options. Offering impeccable light control for your windows, doors, and patios, they serve as a wonderful, cost-effective, alternative to shutters and other heavy-duty systems.

    Folding Arm Awnings

    Our folding arm awnings are highly sought after for maximising entertainment and leisure areas like patios and verandahs and are popular among cafes and restaurants.

    Patio & Privacy Screens

    Take privacy to the next level with our selection of patio screens and privacy screens.

    Zip Screens

    Explore an extensive range of colors, plain and striped fabrics, and three fabric types – blockout, light filtering, and screen options for optimal light control in your windows and patio.

    Our zip screens are designed for convenience and durability, with Proteger heavy-duty systems ideal for extra-large windows, doors, and patios. Crafted from marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel componentry, these screens guarantee long-lasting operation.

    With a wide selection of standard and special powder-coated colours available, you can effortlessly match your screens to your property’s aesthetic. Choose from spring and crank operations, or experience the ease of motorisation!

    Slatted Privacy Screen

    Enjoy ultimate privacy and protection from the elements with our slatted privacy screens. Available in a wide range of standard and special powder-coated colors, these privacy screens are made from durable aluminum for long-lasting durability.

    Whether you need more or less spacing between slats, our varying spacing options cater to all situations. You have the flexibility to fit these screens under a soffit or cantilevered off the wall, with or without protective hooding, ensuring a seamless integration into your property’s design.

    Clear Drop Awnings

    If weatherproofing your patio is a priority, our clear drop awnings are the perfect choice. These awnings are made from extruded PVC in various thicknesses and tints, providing reliable protection from the elements at a low cost.

    With different styles available, you can opt for the one that complements your outdoor space best. The colour-coordinated reinforcing, along with zips and componentry, ensures a cohesive look while offering robust support.

    Experience the convenience of rope and pulley operation with UV-stabilized componentry. Our PVS and vinyl reinforcing are fully welded for strength and durability, guaranteeing a long-lasting solution for your patio.



    The Benefits of Outdoor Awnings Sunshine Coast

    Outdoor Living, Redefined

    Enhance Your Home Style

    Our Sunshine Coast awnings are available in an extensive range of finishes, styles and colours and are the perfect addition for adding style, character and functionality to your home.

    Elevate Property Value

    Awnings are a desirable asset for homeowners and potential buyers alike. As a permanent fixture, our Sunshine Coast awnings have the ability to add value to your property while elevating your living space.

    Protection From The Elements

    Our fixed and retractable awnings offer robust protection from harmful UV rays, wind, and rain, transforming outdoor areas into comfortable and sheltered spaces for homes and businesses year round.

    Temperature Control

    Both our window blinds and awnings can keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. By adjusting the amount of light and sun that enters your home you can save on your monthly bills!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I consider when choosing awnings?

    With so many different types of awnings available, it’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences. Here is what to keep in mind when browsing our awning range:

    • Purpose: When deciding on the best type of awning for your home, it is important to consider its purpose.  Are you looking for an awning that provides protection from the sun and weather for your patio? Or do you need an awning for above your windows or door? This will help you determine the size, style and features that you need.
    • Budget: Another important consideration when choosing awnings is your budget! Depending on the material, awnings in Sunshine Coast can vary significantly in price. Fabric awnings tend to be more affordable than aluminium, but they may not be as durable in harsh weather conditions and vice versa.
    • Style: Choosing the right style of awning is essential to complement your home’s existing aesthetic. Opt for more neutral tones if you are looking for something more subdued, or make a statement with brighter colours and fabric patterns.
    • Fixed or Retractable: In addition to material, awnings come in retractable or fixed styles. Retractable awnings can be pulled out when needed to control temperature and lighting and retracted when not in use, while fixed awnings are permanently attached to your home.

    What size awning do I need?

    The size of the awning will depend on the area you wish to cover and the amount of sun protection you require. Our team can help you choose the perfect size for your needs.

    Does my awning have to be fitted at a standard height?

    No, your awning can be fitted at any height to suit your needs.

    Are awnings waterproof?

    Yes. However, the awning material will determine the degree of water resistance. While traditional fabric awnings are waterproof in rain, they are not designed to hold large pools of water. Plastic and aluminium awnings, on the other hand, can hold large pools of water without leaking.

    How long do awnings last?

    An awning can last between 5-15 years. However, with the right care and maintenance, your outdoor awning can offer a lifetime of comfort, functionality and style. 


    Why choose Homemakers Lifestyle?

    At Homemakers Lifestyle, we offer a range of personalised services to make sure you get the perfect product for your needs. From measuring and quotes to installation, we are a leading provider of quality window fittings and awnings across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and surrounding regions.

    We are committed to providing high-quality products that are functional and stylish. With well-designed and custom-installed awnings, our fittings are professionally made using the highest quality materials.

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