Awnings Sunshine Coast

Creating Security and Lifestyle in Your Home

Awnings Sunshine Coast

Creating Security and Lifestyle in Your Home

Awnings Sunshine Coast

Creating Security and Lifestyle in Your Home

Control the temperature and comfort of your home with Homemakers Lifestyle’s wide range fabric and aluminium awnings.

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Awnings Sunshine Coast

Quality Aluminium and Fabric Awnings

Investing in an awning can be a daunting task, filled with questions. What will suit my needs? What are the benefits?

Fabric and Aluminium awnings can satisfy a variety of objectives, ranging from energy savings, weather protection as well as architectural aesthetics. Through innovation, the modern fabric awning is long-lasting, vibrant, easy to clean, durable and flame-retardant.

Modern frame materials, such as aluminium and stainless steel, offer high strength-to-weight ratios and are corrosion resistant.

The proper combination of these properties will result in safe, durable, economical and beautiful awnings. Our staff at Homemakers Lifestyle are experts in determining the best product for you.

Fabric Awnings Sunshine Coast

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Aluminium Awnings Sunshine Coast

Awnings Sunshine Coast

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    Awnings Sunshine Coast

    The Benefits Of Investing

    An awning is an essential addition to your outdoor space and should be more than an afterthought as they are an asset to your home or business.

    They are a significantly beneficial add-on for your home and they offer a myriad of benefits.

    Not only are both indoor and outdoor awnings aesthetically pleasing, but they can increase your home’s energy efficiency. In summer they prevent sun glare, and block the sun’s rays from your windows, helping your home to stay cooler and saving you money on power costs. Reducing the amount of sunlight that enters your home can also help prevent damage to furniture and decorations.

    More Benefits of Awnings Include:


    An excellent way to impress guests and family during gatherings and barbecues.

    The additional cover they provide allows you to enjoy more of your outdoor area by offering protection from the sun’s harsh heat.


    They add value to your property.

    Potential buyers are drawn to homes which boast quality awnings as this saves them money on renovations and the idea of lazy afternoons on the patio or outdoors will ultimately sway their decision.


    Awnings increase your home’s energy efficiency.

    In summer they prevent sun glare, and block the sun’s rays from your windows, helping your home to stay cooler and saving you money on power costs


    In your home, you expect to be at your most comfortable.

    Awnings allow you to control the temperature in your home at a moment’s notice by allowing exposure to the sun or lessening this exposure.

    Awnings Sunshine Coast

    What Awnings Should I use?

    Installing an awning into your home is a good way to protect your doors and windows while adding an attractive accent piece. Awnings also provide constant shade from the hot Australian sun. When choosing an awning for your home, the choices between fabric and metal awnings can be confusing! However, every household is different in their awning needs. 

    Fabric Awnings

    Fabric awnings are made with different types of fabric including woven waterproof fabrics, vinyl laminates, and coated cotton.

    Although fabric awnings are not as durable as Aluminium awnings, fabric awnings are versatile and adaptable in design.  With options such as retractable fabric awnings, you can choose whether or not you want your awnings exposed.

    However, with improved fabrics, fabric awnings can withstand the toughest weather conditions.

    Your outdoor space will be shaded from the hot sun rays as well as provide outdoor protection on rainy days.

     As they are made of cost-efficient materials, fabric awnings are highly cost-efficient.

    Additionally, fabric awning can directly decrease energy consumption by simply blocking the sun! Heat gain through windows is one of the reasons that buildings need air conditioners. 

    Fabric awnings have a wide variety of designs, offering styles that compliment any of home or business aesthetic.

    Fabric awnings offer a unique ‘curb-appeal’ to your home. They may be custom-designed to fit your home perfectly, extending the living space of your home.

    Aluminium Awnings


    Aluminium awnings are made out of long-lasting and durable Aluminium metal.

    Aluminium awnings do not tear, rip or shred under heavy winds and rain. Due to its durable beams and braces, these awnings will not buckle, bend or sway in adverse weather.

    They can also withstand immense heat and do not promote mould and mildew growth. With regular maintenance, aluminium awnings can last up to 50 years!

    Your outdoor space will be shaded from the hot sun rays as well as provide outdoor protection on rainy days. An aluminium awning is strong enough to withstand most storm and wind damage.

    Due to the strength and durability of aluminium, these awnings are expected to last for many years, making them a sound financial investment.

    Aluminium awnings have the ability to absorb heat and promote cooler temperatures in the shade as well as keeps heat and sunlight out of the home.

    No matter the size, aluminium awnings can be installed to fit any area. Although Aluminum awnings do not have as many colour options as fabric, it’s aluminium awnings offer a clean and classic look that can blend in well with a variety of home styles.

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    Want to Sell Your Home in the Future?

    Awnings can help ensure that prospective buyers are more likely to take a second look at your home due to their aesthetic appeal and energy-saving benefits.
    They also tend to expand the living space of your home, which in turns gives the impression that your home is larger than it actually is. By investing in this product for your outdoor entertainment area, your home will become the perfect location for meals, parties and other gatherings.

    Fabric Awnings

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    Sunshine Coast’s favourite awning manufacturer

    Looking For Quality Awnings?

    Australian homeowners often find themselves frustrated by having to replace the furniture that has barely been used because it has been ruined by the elements. An awning offers protection against these elements, improving the lifespan of your outdoor furniture.

    Our superior quality components make awning installations a breeze. We offer a wide array of different options to suit each individual homeowner’s needs and decor style. From traditional roll-up awnings and Zip Screens to Folding Arm and adjustable Louvres, we have you covered.


    panel awnings

    Awnings Sunshine Coast

    Best Range of Fabric and Aluminium Awnings

    Awnings Sunshine Coast

    Why Choose Us For Your Home’s Awnings?

    Locally owned and operated, Homemakers Lifestyle is a local business, specialising in indoor and outdoor blinds, awnings, crimsafe security screens shutters and security doors.

    Maximise the aesthetic look and feel of your home as well as improve your home’s appeal to prospective buyers. We offer a wide range of awnings to suit each individual homeowner’s needs. Our trusted technicians are trained to offer high-quality service and fast turn-around times.

    We are a trusted awnings installation company with a myriad of happy clients in our portfolio.

    Looking for a trusted awnings specialist? Get in touch with us today, we offer custom installations to suit your requirements.

    Homemakers Lifestyle guaranteed promises

    • We listen to your requirements and give honest advice.
    • We provide a competitive price and quality products.
    • We work with professionally trained staff.
    • We manufacture locally.
    • Locally owned and operated.
    • We have various payment methods.
    Awnings Sunshine Coast fabric awnings outdoors

    Awnings Sunshine Coast

    View our Extensive Range of Blinds and Awning Products

    thermalite Awnings

    Thermalite Shutters

    Thermalite Shutters have the look and feel of wood with several major advantages. 

    Thermalite is a solid, non-toxic and 100% renewable synthetic material.

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    Polycarbonate Awnings

    Polycarbonate Awnings

    Designed for all sun and weather problems, these Twin Wall Polycarbonate Awnings are created specifically to let the light in and keep the heat and rain out with it’s excellent insulation properties.

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    Folding Arm Awning

    Folding Arm Awnings

    The Folding Arm awnings are the most popular awnings we sell today. It is designed to maximise entertaining and leisure areas, such as patios and verandahs, and is also ideal for cafés and restaurants.

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    Zip Screen

    Zip Screens

    Fabric roll-up awnings with aluminium vertical tracks which support the screen until it is fully down. Ideal for larger exposed openings.

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    Pivot Arm

    Pivot Arm Awnings

     Pivot Arm Awnings are an ideal exterior shade option and one of the most versatile products on the market. Modern fabrics provide a contemporary take on an old favourite.

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    Clear Drop Awning

    Clear Drop Awnings

    Clear Verandah Drop Blinds (Cafe Blinds), give you protection from the elements without obstructing your favourite view. Café Blinds can transform your outdoor living areas into a truly usable space.

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    Traditional Roll-up

    Traditional Roll-Up

    Ideal for low set windows with easy access and are available in many fabrics and colours to match. This awnings operates on 2 stainless steel side guides and has strong Robust arm fittings.

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    Patio Roof

    Patio Roof

    Bahama is another horizontal aluminium awnings solution for balconies, verandahs and small patios as well as window hoods. Waterproof at 12° pitch, it has neat clean lines with an attractive understructure.

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    aluminum louvres

    Adjustable Louvre Awnings

    The most effective awnings for heat control and sun protection. Simply open the panels to allow the light and breeze through or open fully for uninterrupted views

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    Privacy Screen

    Privacy Screens

    The Sunline 45 screens provide an extremely modern look to your home or building when you have exposed areas that require shade, privacy and security.

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    panel awnings

    Panel Awnings

    Constructed from durable aluminium panels, Panel Awnings have a durable understructure finished in gloss white to reflect the natural light. Each come in an extensive range of colours

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    Awnings Sunshine Coast

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do I Choose Awnings That Are Right For Me?

    You need to start by considering your home’s needs. For example, do you need extra UV protection? Or are you looking for enhanced privacy? Perhaps you need a product that serves to give your home a stylish look and feel? Our experienced and friendly technicians are always happy to give you helpful advice on which awnings would best suit your individual requirements. Here at Homemakers Lifestyle, we always advise our clients on the most suitable awnings for their needs.

    Will Awnings Help Reduce My Home’s Energy Consumption?

    A quality set of awnings can help keep your home a lot cooler – in fact, it can reduce your electric bills drastically by reducing the strain and usage of air conditioning. You can avoid the annoying and harsh rays of the sun beating into a room by blocking out the sun with our high quality awnings and you’ll be more comfortable during the hottest months of the year, especially with outdoor awnings during summer barbecues.

    What Type Of Awnings Do You Offer?

    We offer a wide range of awnings to suit a selection of homeowners. Choose from: roll up awnings, privacy screens, zip screens, panel awnings, folding arm awnings and many more.

    Do Awnings Increase Your Property Value?

    Many studies performed by a range of organizations indicate that awnings will increase a home's energy efficiency, improve a home’s look and feel and provide your home with improved comfort. Due to these benefits, awnings are a great investment to your home as prospective buyers will be impressed by the look and feel of your home as well as the reduced need for renovation costs once they’ve purchased your home.

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