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Awnings are a significantly beneficial add-on for your home and can offer a myriad of benefits. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but can increase your home’s energy efficiency by blocking out the sun’s harsh rays.
Homemakers Lifestyle delivers a wide range of awnings in a variety of styles, finishes and colours to suit any home design. We use only the best materials so you can rest assured that your awning will protect your outdoor space all year round and for years to come.
From fabric to aluminium, our experienced and friendly team will work with you to find the perfect awning for your home and budget. We offer obligation-free quotes and measure-ups, so call us today to see how we can help you make the most of your outdoor space.


With an extensive range of finishes and colours to choose from, awnings can add style and character to the exterior of your home.


Awnings are a cost-effective way to add value to your home, by creating an additional living and entertainment space.


Awnings provide protection from the sun, wind and rain. This allows you to enjoy our outdoor space no matter the time of year or weather.


Adjustable awnings are able to block the suns glare, leading to improved temperature control and increase energy savings!

awning sunshine coast - grey folding arm awning
Awnings Sunshine Coast - restaurant terrace seashore ray sun through awning

Local Awnings In Sunshine Coast

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There is no denying that the Sunshine Coast climate is one of the best around. As such, if you want to enjoy your outdoor space, having an awning is a must! But with so many styles and types, what do you choose?


The team at Homemakers Lifestyle understand the importance of choosing the right awning for your home. Depending on your needs, we offer:


Pivot Arm Awnings: These awnings are a great choice for those who want to maximise their outdoor space. They can be retracted when not in use, so you can enjoy the sun or shelter as you please!


Adjustable Louvre Awnings: If you want the best of both worlds, then an adjustable louvre awning is perfect for you. These awning blades allow you to control the amount of sun and shade, so you can create your own outdoor oasis


Folding Arm Awnings: These awnings are perfect for restricted spaces as they can be easily retracted when not in use. With the ability to be mounted on the wall, under the eaves or on the ceiling, these awnings are a versatile and stylish choice.


Polycarbonate Awnings: These awnings are designed to keep the heat out, while their transparent nature lets the light in. They are perfect for use above windows and skylights and can be custom made to fit any space.

The Homemakers Lifestyle Difference

Based on the Sunshine Coast, Homemakers Lifestyle has over 28 years of home improvement experience. We are a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in providing quality products and services to our customers.
When you choose Homemakers Lifestyle, you can rest assured that you are dealing with the experts. We will work with you to understand what you need and provide high-quality, reliable advice to help you make the best decision for your home.
Are you ready to make the most of your outdoor space with a stunning awning in Brisbane? Get in touch with us today, and learn how we can help you transform your property!

Awnings to suit the Sunshine Coast Lifestyle

What Will Work For Me?

FABRIC Awnings

fabric awnings are one of the most common awning styles. They are simple to care for and incredibly durable. Fabric awnings are available in a range of colours and patterns to suit any home style.
Durability: Today, the materials in fabric awnings offer durability that can withstand heavy rains and high winds.
Weather: Fabric awnings provide excellent protection against the sun and can reduce the temperature of your outdoor space.
Affordability: Fabric awnings are one of the most cost-effective awning options. Their ability to reflect the sun also means that they can help reduce your energy costs as well!
Style: Fabric awnings are available in a range of styles to suit any home. They can be traditional or contemporary in design and are a great way to add character to your property.


Sleek, stylish and durable, Aluminium awnings are a popular choice amongst many Sunshine Coast homeowners.
Durability: Aluminium awnings are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. They are constructed out of long-lasting aluminium materials, meaning that they won’t rust or rot over time.
Weather: Aluminium awnings are also an excellent choice for those who want to reduce the temperature of their outdoor space. The materials used in their construction reflect heat, meaning that they can keep your property cool during the hotter months.
Affordability: As a durable fitting, aluminium awnings are designed to last a lifetime. This means less need for replacement in a few years.
Style: Aluminium awnings have a clean and modern look that can complement and enhance any outdoor space. Custom made, they have the ability to fit any space.

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Our Range Of Awnings

Pivot Arm Awnings - window with simple white awning

Pivot Arm

Pivot Arm Awnings are an ideal exterior shade option and are one of the most versatile products on the market. Our range of modern fabrics provide a contemporary take on an old favourite.

Patio Roof Awnings - simple awning over door

Patio Roofs

Bahama is another horizontal aluminium awnings solution for balconies, verandahs and small patios as well as window hoods. Waterproof at 12° pitch, it has neat clean lines with an attractive understructure.

Adjustable Louvre Awnings - blue and white awnings

Adjustable Louvre

These are one of the most effective awnings for heat control and sun protection for your outdoor space. Simply open the panels to allow the light and breeze through or close to catch a tan!

Privacy Screen - grey screen over window

Privacy Screens

The Sunline 45 screens provide an extremely modern look to your home or building when you have exposed areas that require shade, privacy without having to compromise on safety and security.

Pivot Arm Awnings - window with simple white awning

Folding Arm

The Folding Arm awnings are the most popular awnings we sell today. It is designed to maximise entertaining and leisure areas, such as patios and verandahs, and is also ideal for cafés and restaurants.

Patio Roof Awnings - simple awning over door


Designed for all sun and weather problems, these Twin Wall Polycarbonate Awnings are created specifically to let the light in and keep the heat and rain out with it’s excellent insulation properties.

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