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During the warm Sunshine Coast Summer, there is no better place to spend than outside on the patio. Barbecues, dinners, and family gatherings—outdoor spaces get a lot of use! However, when adverse weather conditions prevent this, outdoor aluminium louvres make for the ideal solution!


Not only will they add style to any space, but they also offer several practical benefits that will make spending time outdoors all the more enjoyable! Additionally, adjustable and fixed louvred shutters are a sustainable way to cut down on heating and cooling costs!



Aluminium Louvres keep the house warmer in winter and cooler in the summertime.


Hence getting louvres installed can translate to lower energy costs, saving you money and improving your impact on the environment.


Due to the practical, aesthetic and cost-saving appeal of Louvres- investing in shutters for your home may improve the value of your home.

Prospective buyers find Aluminium Louvres appealing as they reduce overall renovation costs.



Aluminium Louvres give you complete control over the privacy of your home, allowing you to shut out unwanted attention at any time of the day or night.

Unlike curtains, there is no possibility of a gap through which neighbours can see through


Aluminium Louvres give you the ability to decide how much light you want in a space.

Getting Louvers protects your home decor and furniture. They shut out harsh UV rays that break down the color of your furniture, extending its lifetime and your wallet.

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Aluminium Louvres For Your Sunshine Coast Home

Stylish, Functional and Great value!

Whether for practical reasons or purely as an aesthetic solution for the living areas of your home, our Aluminium louvre screens are truly a multi-functional product that will enhance the lifestyle at your Sunshine Coast home or business.


Our aluminium frames and blades can be supplied in anodised or powder coated finishes to the colour of your choice.

The 90mm louvre blades had been specifically designed and engineered to cope with all types of weather conditions and have been tested for noise, wind load and resistance to wind pressure for cyclone regions and our coastal areas where shutters are required on high rise apartments.


Our Sunshine Coast Aluminium louvre is custom made just to suit your requirements and are available in a number of different configurations such as fixed, adjustable, stacking, bi-folding, sliding, and last but not least hinged.  Our shutters are also ideal for Patio Enclosures.


Features and Benefits:

  • Comfortable Outdoor Living – Rain, Hail or Shine
  • Protection from Strong Wind
  • Light and Breeze control
  • Sun Protection and Shading
  • Energy savings – reduce electricity & air conditioning costs
  • Variety of design options available
  • Personal Privacy from neighbours & prying eyes.
  • Optional Lockable Security.
  • Increases Value to your home

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