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Posted: January 24, 2017

Unaware of Crimsafe and the benefits?

Crimsafe Security provides maximum protection while adding style to your home.  Crimsafe does not come with a diamond grille providing a more stylish appeal as well as a better view outside to your backyard.

Crimsafe as stainless steel mesh that is 26.5% thicker on the cross section the most mesh products, it is stronger and has an aluminium frame.

Crimsafe exceeds the Australian Standard by passing test such as:

*Dynamic Impact Test

*Jemmy Test

*Pull Test

*Knife Shear Test

Crimsafe has also passed the Chemetall 1000-hour salt spray and cyclic test.

Crimsafe has a triple locking system as well as being the only security that uses Screw-Clamp security mesh. The tamper-resistant screws go through the metal clamp, through the mesh and into the fame.  The Screw-Clamp hooks into the mesh biting down on the profile of the mesh to grip it tightly, meaning the impact is absorbed and spread throughout the whole frame which provides the Crimsafe with great strength against attack.

Crimsafe has passed test of up to 1200 joules of impact to the security screens however for extra strength, security, and safety you can add a mid-rail to your product.

Crimsafe is energy efficient with a 3 Stars Cooling and 1.5 starts heating.

Homemakers Lifestyle manufactures our Security products locally here on the Sunshine Coast and is a part of the National Security Screen Association.

When you purchase over $3000 of Crimsafe Security products from us here at Homemakers Lifestyle not only do you receive 10 year warranty for Standard Crimsafe products and 15 year for Ultimate Crimsafe but we will through In a Ha-Ra Green Glove free of charge and methods to deal with which is a great chemical free cleaning product or you can purchase yours now by clicking on the link below.


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