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Posted: December 16, 2016


Larry Geltch

This week we had the pleasure of installing a Crimsafe door to a family home on the Sunshine Coast. When they first moved to the Sunshine Coast they wanted to leave the front door open to let in the beautiful breeze and also being new to the area they were security conscious. They engaged someone to fit a security door to the front of their home however they recently called us to get our advice on what else they could do to make their home safer and to ensure it would meet their Insurance Companies requirement.

Larry the owner of Homemakers Lifestyle and who is also the sales representative is on the board of the National Security Screen Association so he visited the house and noticed the front security door would not pass the Australian Standards. Larry recommended replacing the existing door with a Crimsafe Security Door to maximise the security and to keep the breeze.

On the day of Install Larry decided to test the previous door by giving it a kick. The stainless steel grille dislodged from the door frame leaving a large gap through the door frame that you could step through. He then pulled the door frame to test the strength which completely gave way leaving the entry completely open.

Not only does this local family now have a clear outlook to their front landscaped area and a beautiful breeze that can enter through the front but they also have the security of leaving the front door open when they leave the property. The new Crimsafe Security door now meets all the points and test to pass the Australian Standard and meets all Insurance Company standards.

The Australian Standard is a published document setting out specifications and procedures designed to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistently perform the way they are intended to.

Most of the manufactures here on the coast do not make products to this standard and are not tested to prove their worth.

This is the standard that most Insurance if not all, adopt as their standard of what constitutes a Security product.

Homemakers Lifestyle here on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland is a locally owned, locally managed and locally manufactured company. We sit on the board of the National Security Screen Association, coupled with being in the Security Industry for over 50 years. We know these standards backwards and guarantee with a full money back, no questions asked that that is what our clients get.

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